Time Warner Internet


Enjoy High Speed Browsing With Time Warner Internet

High speed internet browsing is definitely an amazing experience because you can load even the most complicated Flash or HTML 5 websites within the blink of an eye. And, with the world largely moving towards high definition videos of Youtube and plenty of multi-player games, it is important to stick to a reliable internet service provider like the Time Warner internet. With the best network spread across the country, the company caters to a large number of audience and the user database continues to grow with each passing day. The services are amazing which you should experience yourself.

All the details of the time warner internet connection can be found in the official website and all you need to do is browse through it without leaving the comfort of your home. The major plans have been divided into categories like standard, turbo, extreme and ultimate each with better download speed. The upload speed remains almost the same and will not drastically vary as it is not required much by majority of users. Instead, the download capacity and the limit will be more in case you are planning to go for the ultimate version.

The pricing of time warner internet service will vary based on the speed that you require and the standard edition comes with a minimum download speed of 10 MBPS. Most connections offered nowadays fall under the unlimited category where your file download and upload is not constrained at any point. Besides, you will also get a slew of benefits along with the plan like video conferencing, online sharing, social networking among many others. The highest of them all would be the 50 MBPS connection which also supports the most amazing feature of all. The service can be used in a multi-user household with multiple mobile devices through WIFI connection.